Announcing Gthnk 0.5

Announcing the release of Gthnk 0.5. Gthnk is a personal journal that supports long-term archival.

This is a really big release that brings Windows compatibility to the project. As we said in an earlier blog post, the 0.5 release is all about focusing on quality.

We’ve improved many online community resources because communication is one of the most important aspects of an open source project. Here are some highlights:

  1. The Install Guide provides a step-by-step introduction to Gthnk on Windows and OS X.
  2. This website, itself!
  3. There is now a blog for providing updates about the project.
  4. A 12-minute Overview Video explains what Gthnk is and how it works.

If you are curious to try Gthnk, see the Install Guide at to get started.