Who are the audience for Gthnk? What kinds of users want Gthnk in their lives? We don’t know but we have a few guesses.

Those who already have journaling habits

Academics, Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians are likely to already have professional habits for keeping journals and logbooks. The journal itself is fungible; this audience just needs a replacement for their existing solution.

Those who want to do more

“Life hackers” have a vision of a more-productive version of themselves. This audience needs to work fast and flexibly; Gthnk gives them search and mobile entry.

Those who think about the future

With the benefit of a little historical hindsight, we can see how badly technology ages. Gthnk uses a simple text format that can be printed on paper for ultra-long backups - as long as the paper lasts.

Those who have technical skills

Another audience for Gthnk are the people who just like the source code. Gthnk strives to be a healthy open source project with many opportunities for participation.